Lenir Witzke was born in the summer of 1962, in a town called Panambi, of the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul. Her formation, basically self-taught, has been supported by constant researches of new techniques and artistic trends and by attending ateliers of the most famous artists of São Paulo.

Her first works had been in academic style, besides frequent incursions in contemporary and abstract painting techniques. Through those paths and processes she achieved her proper plastic language.

Her first expositions were realized in 1997, when she was still living in the state of Paraná, in the city of Marechal Cândido Rondon. In year 2000 she returned to RS, to the city of Ijuí, where she dedicated intensely to art, which began to occupy an always more important role in her life. By then she set up an atelier and began teaching painting lessons.

In July of 2004 she inaugurated the Ma’at Place Atelier: ma'at – an old concept of peace of the Egyptians, place – place in English: a "place of peace", peace through art, and the art as vehicle of peace. Btw, the artist intends to expand this concept in Europe, starting soon a project of this kind in the old continent.

Lenir well knows that art reflects and mirrors the interior of the archetypal man, either at the solitary act of creation, either at the moment of aesthetic contemplation, being always, in one or another way, symbolic representation, expression and projection of how much goes on in his soul.

“La pittura è cosa mentale” said Leonardo da Vinci in his wise affirmation. But, over all, it's like an exercise of the entire and integral man – in body, soul and spirit – that Lenir Witzke exerts her singular art.

The painter always saw the artistic activity as a source of expression by excellence, loaded with the deepest beam of meanings, leading to defend it to be a form of therapeutics that takes its practitioner to work his self-knowledge and emotional balance, reflecting it in those who contemplate and revise the result of such a work.

Currently Lenir teaches painting lessons to children, adolescents and adults, developing constant and worthy initiatives of imminent social character. An example is the fact that, among the students participating in a drawing competition carried out by municipal public schools, five of them, who received free painting lessons during the summer months of vacation, have been selected.

In this particular actuation area, projects of the artist are included like "Help us to help" – that had the fundamental objective to contribute for a better awareness and waking up of children for social themes, by using the plastic arts as a vehicle –, or the most recent show up "The Planet in Agony", a collective exposition resulting from a joint effort of the Ma'at Place atelier students, which tried to call public attention to the global warming and its effects on the public health, the economy and the environment.

Present also in art shows in Europe, where she was already deservedly awarded, the art of Lenir Witzke does not allows indifference: compromises yes, but art compromised to the truth, which is another name of the beauty – despite that the beauty may bothers us, and demand efforts and changes.

The world isn't indifferent to us, much less the life: therefore, the look of the artist - always faithful to life, and over all faithful to herself – always shows us what we are less waiting.

Unexpected as life, the art of Lenir Witzke is a constant discovery of the surprise of being alive and of the urgency of being well alive: for the good, the good making, so that the truly good always shows up and invites us to the best one.